Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day for me.  Can't really explain as to why but there was a lot of frustration and irritation over the least little things.
My constant throughout the day was to remember all the blessings in my life.  I went on a 30 minute walk and the entire time I was thanking the Lord for all that he has given me and done in my life.
It can be so easy to camp in the frustration and irritation but I was not allowing the enemy or my flesh, for that matter, to win.
Every victory is given to us my our Heavenly Father.  I know I could not have changed yesterday around on my own strentgh.  It was by inviting him into my presence that I was able to let go of all that I was feeling and change it around to be thankful and grateful.
So today, my day started way earlier than I wanted or expected.  (Especially since I did not fall asleep until 2:30a).  The maintenance guy that was due between 9a-12p came 2 1/2 hours earlier.  Needless to say when the phone rang at 7:13a, I was none…

My House My Home

Last week two of my children were away on a missions trip.  My hubby was traveling two days and my eldest was working 3 days/nights.  I was inwardly looking forward to some quiet and solitude.  Thinking I would be able to get so much accomplished within my home and some reading I challenged myself to last month.
All I have to say is.... HA!  What a joke.  The storms that moved through made my house a chaotic nightmare.  My eldest and I were scooping bucketfuls of water out of one of our window wells as the rains poured down and the well filled up.  If the well gets too full, the water makes its way into the basement.  Ugh, is that a mess.  (Unfortunately this has happened too many times before).  We thought we got a handle on this buy purchasing a pump to drain the water out of the well.  We did not account for loss of power.  Hence, the scooping.  We were able to eliminate a lot of water from entering but we still had some enter in.  Lots of towels to the rescue.  We just kept prayin…

The Day

Here is our day.

Long Time

It has been awhile.  Here are some updates through photos: Josh has begun track.  Abby was Stage Manager. I went away on a women's retreat.  


Had a good ride on Lucy. 

IEA Banquet

So we headed to the Radisson in Valley Forge for our regional banquet.  She did good. 7th overall.  Abby with Amanda her coach.  The team.  Such a good job by all the girls from Black Horse Stables. 


A fun time. Thanks Coach Tony and Team Fried Chicken.